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Tuition & Membership

The Maryland Youth Symphony Orchestra is an organization under the umbrella of Chesapeake Orchestra Inc., which is recognized by the IRS and the State of Maryland as a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

The membership cost is $750 per student.

However, there is a discounted family rate for families with more than one student participant. 

The fee is used to defray rental costs of rehearsal space, performance space, music purchase & rental, assisting artists, and soloists, required insurance, filings, and other expenses related to running the organization

The fee is a one-time annual fee. *There are no additional fees  The fee has remained at its present level since 2013.

Families that cannot afford membership but have students that wish to participate should speak directly with the Executive Director.  Every effort is made to accommodate our students.

*Should the MYSO Orchestra go on an international summer period tour, as it has in the past, (most recently to Italy); there would be additional costs in that case


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