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The Maryland Youth Symphony Orchestra (MYSO) performed its inaugural concert in Baltimore in June of 1964. It was founded by Angelo Gatto to bring together talented musicians from schools and colleges throughout the state to train under expert guidance. The pursuit of musical excellence continues to be the goal of the organization. Professional musicians provide sectional coaching, and the full orchestra now performs under the baton of its music director and conductor, Jeffrey Silberschlag. The MYSO’s founder, Angelo Gatto is Music Director Emeritus.The Maryland Youth Symphony Orchestra has performed in schools, on television and in various concert halls world wide. Programs are performed for audiences of all ages, from children to senior citizens. The Orchestra’s performances abroad promote friendship and understanding between nations, and provide unique cultural experiences for orchestra members. Orchestra alumni include many professional musicians and concert artists. However, the Maryland Youth Symphony Orchestra does more than just teach and develop audiences and performers; it teaches self-discipline, commitment and dedication. It lays the foundation for success in life.










MYSO Concert May 20, 1967 at Goucher College with the combined choruses of Western High School and Baltimore City College.










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