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A Letter from the Maestro


Jeffrey Silberschlag, Music Director

Welcome to the Maryland Youth Symphony Orchestra website


Our 2021-2022 Season will begin on October 9, 2021, with our first rehearsal.

The Maryland Youth Symphony Orchestra (MYSO) is now in its 57th year this season. It was led for five decades by its founder, Angelo Gatto. 


I, myself, was a member of the Maryland Youth Symphony Orchestra from 1967 until 1973, and both of my sons were members of the orchestra from 2007 and 2011.  

My experiences as a student in the Orchestra and later as a professional musician inform the environment that I try to create for the students.

The Orchestra has always brought together very talented, serious students who explored and performed the major works of the orchestral repertoire.  For its members, the immersion into the orchestral world has often been an enriching experience, shaping a life-long love and connection to this music.  

For many, their first experience with a Brahms, Beethoven, or Mahler Symphony has been absolutely transformative.

Through the orchestral experience, students gain performance experience, refine their sound and technique on their instrument, gain confidence, learn responsibility, make friends and, I hope, have fun.  

Over the five decades, a significant number of the MYSO members have found a love for the experience so great that they have pursued music at the leading music Conservatoires, Colleges, and Universities.  Many have continued on to professional careers in music.


Usually, students that participate in the Youth Symphony experience are high achievers.  It is not unusual to find among our graduating senior students that continue into the sciences or international studies at schools like Johns Hopkins and Harvard, or students that matriculate to top music schools such as Juilliard, Manhattan School of Music, Rice, and Eastman. 


MYSO often tours internationally.  Over the last several seasons, selected MYSO students have joined me at my music festival in Northern Italy, the Alba Music Festival.  At the Alba Music Festival, students have continued their immersion and awareness of music.  They have chamber music opportunities, master classes, attend internationally significant concerts and even perform alongside professional musicians in professional international orchestras.

Additionally, many of our most accomplished students have performed with the Chesapeake Orchestra during our summer season at the River Concert Series, held at St. Mary's College of Maryland. This opportunity allows our MYSO students to play alongside many of our region's most accomplished professional musicians.  In some cases, the members of the Chesapeake Orchestra are also teachers to the MYSO musicians.

I hope you will consider joining our program and embark on our serious but fun music-making.


Jeffrey Silberschlag

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